make. manufacture. matter.™

Detroit Sewn™ was born to fill a hole in Southeastern Michigan’s fashion industry – a lack of full-service cut and sew manufacturing. The company is owned by the founder and president of Detroit Garment Group, Karen Buscemi, who understands what it takes to build a strong fashion industry in Michigan. In fact, Detroit Garment Group is working to build a garment district in Detroit, complete with a fashion incubator and a variety of companies that want to come together to be part of a united fashion industry within this district.

At Detroit Sewn™, you can get as little, or as many services as you need for your product or collection. Need a pattern? We can make it. Need a sample made from a pattern you already have? We’ve got you covered. Need your pattern tweaked to make for more efficient production sewing (this will greatly help lower the price per piece when you go into production) – you know we can do that, too. We can grade your pattern…that is, make the different sizes that you want to offer your clients. And then, once everything is ready to go, we can cut and sew to the quantities you need. In the timeframe you need.

We also offer hourly consultation services to educate you and provide you the resources you need to help you launch a successful collection. You can choose from product development, marketing and/or sales training/planning. There is a one-hour minimum for consultations.

Call us at 586.850.1240 or fill out this form to get a response within 24 hours. We can handle the bulk of our initial consultations over the phone so you get the answers you need to get started fast.